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Bài nghe tiếng Anh giao tiếp nâng cao: Bob visits the Village Market

Bob Visits The Village Market

Bob goes to the Village Market, a supermarket in town. He asks Carol, the owner of the store, if she would like to sell Susan's Scrumptious Cookies. Carol agrees, but shes isn't able to tell Bob how much she'll pay him.

Bob đến một chợ Huyện, một siêu thị trong thị trấn. Anh ấy hỏi Carol- một người chủ của một cửa hiệu, liệu rằng bà ấy có muốn bán bánh Susan Scruptious Cookies không. Carol đồng ý, nhưng cô ấy không thể cho Bob biết cô ấy sẽ trả cho anh ấy bao nhiêu tiền.



Bob:      Thank you for _____________________ (1) today, Carol.

Carol:    _____________________ (2), Bob. _____________________ (3)?

Bob:      My wife baked these cookies _____________________ (4). Please take one.

Carol:    Mmmm, chewy. These are _____________________ (5)!

Bob:      My wife's a great cook.

Carol:    _____________________ (6). I don't want to _____________________ (7), but let me take a few more.

Bob:      Oink oink! _____________________ (8)!

Carol:    I'd like to sell these at the Village Market. My customers will ___________________ (9) over these!

Bob:      How much would you pay us for each cookie?

Carol:    I'm not sure. I need to ___________________ (10) and ___________________ (11) the finances.

Bob:      Can you give me a ___________________ (12) now?

Carol:   I don't want to ___________________ (13). ___________________ (14) for now, and we'll talk things over this evening.


Tìm hiểu các thành ngữ được sử dụng trong bài hội thoại:

ballpark figure - an approximate number. 
(Phỏng chừng; ước chừng; xấp xỉ ...)

Ví dụ 1: The auto mechanic didn't know exactly how much the repairs would cost, but he was able to give me a ballpark figure.
Ví dụ 2: The plumber estimated that it would cost $150 to fix our sink, but that was just a ballpark figure.

Don't mention it! - you're welcome. 
(Không có chi; Ôi! ơn nghĩa gì ...)

Ví dụ 1: "Thanks for bringing the cookies," I said to Susan. "Don't mention it!" she replied.
Ví dụ 2: "Thanks for picking up my suit at the dry cleaners."- "Don't mention it. It was my pleasure."

(to) figure out - to solve; to determine. 
(giải quyết, xác định).

Ví dụ 1: Ted couldn't figure out one of his math problems, so he asked his sister for help.
Ví dụ 2: Susan is sure she'll never figure out why kids today behave the way they do.

from scratch - from the beginning; using all fresh ingredients rather than using a prepared mix.
(Làm từ những nguyên liệu không phải đã chế biến - Bắt đầu từ số không ...)

Ví dụ 1: The house was in such bad shape, they decided to tear it down and re-build it from scratch.
Ví dụ 2: You baked these muffins from scratch? They're delicious!

(to) go nuts [slang] - to react with great enthusiasm. 
(phản ứng quá nhiệt tình gần như điên.)

Ví dụ 1: When Tiger Woods got a hole-in-one during the golf tournament, the crowd went nuts.
Ví dụ 2: When Eminem appeared on stage, everybody went nuts.

NOTE: This expression also means "to go crazy" or "to become crazy with anger." 
Ví dụ : Jim went nuts when his wife told him she was leaving him for another man.

(to) jump the gun - to start doing something too soon or ahead of everybody else.
(bắt đầu làm một cái gì đó quá sớm hoặc trước mọi người khác.)

Ví dụ 1: Nicole really jumped the gun by writing her acceptance speech before the results of the elections were announced.
Ví dụ 2: The bookstore jumped the gun by selling the new Harry Potter book two weeks before its official release date.

just kidding - talking more to get a laugh than anything. 
(Chỉ nói cho vui miệng hay đùa cho vui mà thôi ...)

Ví dụ 1: I was just kidding when I said your new orange dress makes you look like a pumpkin.
Ví dụ 2: Are you sure that's your boyfriend? I thought he was your grandfather. Just kidding!

(to) make a pig of oneself [slang] - to overeat; to eat too much.
(Ăn như heo - ăn quá nhiều ...)

Ví dụ 1: I made a pig of myself by eating four slices of pie.
Ví dụ 2: Of course you could eat another hamburger, but you don't want to make a pig of yourself.

(to) make time for - to put time in one's schedule for something.
(Dành thời gian cho việc gì hay cho ai đó)

Ví dụ 1: Don is a busy lawyer, but he always makes time for his family.
Ví dụ 2: I'll be sure to make time for you when you visit me.

out of this world.
(Cái gì đó quá ngon, quá tốt hay quá đắt tiền ...)

Ví dụ 1: Their chocolate cake is just out of this world!
Ví dụ 2: The price of gasoline is out of this world right now.

(to) roll up one's sleeves - to prepare to work.
(Xăn tay áo lên bắt đầu vào công việc.)

Ví dụ 1: Let's roll up our sleeves and finish making these cookies!
Ví dụ 2: You'd better roll up your sleeves and finish your homework.

(to) sit tight - to wait patiently.
(Kiên nhẫn ngồi chờ)

Ví dụ 1: Nicole won't hear back from the colleges she applied to until April. For now, she'll just have to sit tight.
Ví dụ 2: Sit tight, the doctor will be with you in a few minutes.

(to) talk over - see Lesson 1.
(bàn tính lại một điều gì đó ...)

What's up? - What's going on? What's new?
(Sao rồi? Có gì mới lạ không ?)

Ví dụ 1: What's up? I haven't spoken to you in a long time.
Ví dụ 2: You never call me anymore. What's up with that? 

you can say that again - I agree with you.
(Đồng ý; tán thành; đúng đấy ...)

Ví dụ 1: You think our house needs repairs? You can say that again - even our toilet is broken!
Ví dụ 2: "The weather is so nasty today."- "You can say that again! I don't even want to go outside!"