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Bài nghe tiếng Anh giao tiếp nâng cao: Carol tells Bob the good news

Carol Tells Bob the Good News

Carol phones Bob to tell him the cookies are selling very well and that she needs another 1.000 by the morning. Bob isn't sure he can make the cookies so quickly, but Carol insists.

Carol gọi cho Bob để nói với anh ấy rằng những chieesc bánh quy đang bán đắt hàng và cô ấy muốn mua thêm 1.000 cái bánh nữa vào sáng hôm sau. Bob không chắc anh ấy có thể làm ra những chiếc bánh một cách nhanh chóng, nhưng Carol nài nỉ anh ấy.


Carol:    Bob, your wife's cookies are _____________________ (1)!

Bob:       How many did you sell, Carol?

Carol:    We've _______________ (2). I need more _______________ (3)! Bring me another 1,000 by tomorrow at 9 a.m.

Bob:      That's a __________________ (4), Carol.

Carol:    Don't ________________ (5), Bob! Susan's Scrumptious Cookies could really __________________ (6).

Bob:      I know, but I'm not sure we have enough time to bake all those cookies.

Carol:    Bake all night if you have to. _____________ (7)! If you work hard now, you'll be ___________ (8) in a few years. 

Bob:      _________________ (9) that I'll __________________ (10) to _____________________ (11).

Carol:    Okay, now let's stop the ___________________ (12). You've got work to do!


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Tìm hiểu các thành ngữ được sử dụng trong bài hội thoại:


(to) sell like hotcakes - to sell fast; to be a popular item.
(Bán nhanh, trở thành một mặt hàng phổ biến.)

Ví dụ 1: Those new Fubu blue jeans are selling like hotcakes. All the girls love them.
Ví dụ 2: Stephen King's new novel is selling like hotcakes.

sold out - completely sold.
(Bán hết)

Ví dụ 1: Becky was really disappointed when she found out that the Britney Spears concert was sold out.
Ví dụ 2: Susan's cookies were very popular at the bake sale. In fact, they sold out in just 20 minutes!

right away - immediately.
(Ngay lập tức)

Ví dụ 1: When Meg realized her house was on fire, she called the fire department right away.
Ví dụ 2: You need some sugar for your cookies? I'll bring some over right away.

(to) blow it - to spoil an opportunity.
(Bỏ qua hoặc làm hỏng một cơ hội.)

Ví dụ 1: The actress got nervous and forgot all of her lines. She really blew it!
Ví dụ 2: I'll give you one more chance, but don't blow it this time!

Đồng Nghĩa: to screw up [slang].

Ví dụ : I can't believe you screwed up during the interview by asking for six weeks of vacation before you even got the job offer!

tall order - a task or goal that is difficult to achieve.

Một nhiệm vụ, một yêu cầu quá cao.
Ví dụ 1: It'll be a tall order to find a new governor as popular as the current one.
Ví dụ 2: You want me to figure out how to clone your pet rabbit? That's a tall order!

(to) take off - to become popular; to grow suddenly.
(Trở nên phổ biến, phát triển bất ngờ.)

Ví dụ : Julia Roberts' career took off with the film "Pretty Woman."

NOTE: "Take off" has several other meanings:
1. Remove. Please take off your shoes before coming inside our apartment. We just vacuumed this morning.
2. To leave. We're taking off now. See you later!
3. To deduct. The waiter forgot to bring us drinks, so he took $10 off the bill.
4. To leave the ground. The airplane took off on time.

(to) burn the midnight oil - to stay up late studying or working.
(thức khuya để học tập, làm việc.)

Ví dụ 1: Michael burned the midnight oil studying for his algebra test.
Ví dụ 2: The project is due tomorrow and we're far from finished. We're going to have to burn the midnight oil tonight. 

(to be) sitting pretty - in a good position (often financially).
(Ở một vị trí tốt - thường thuộc về tài chánh)

Ví dụ 1: After Chad won the lottery, he was really sitting pretty. He quit his job and bought a mansion in Malibu, California.
Ví dụ 2: Gina was one of the first people to work at Amazon. com, and she made millions on her stock options. Now she's sitting pretty.

rest assured - be sure.
(Bảo đảm; chắc chắn.

Ví dụ I: Rest assured that the police will find the thieves.
Ví dụ 2: Rest assured I'll take good care of your dog while you're on vacation.

(to) do one's best - to try as hard as possible.
(Cố gắng hết sức mình nếu được.)
Ví dụ 1: Although Ted did his best, he still failed his chemistry test.
Ví dụ 2: You might not get a perfect score on your history test, but just do your best.

Đồng Nghĩa: to give it one's all.

(to) deliver the goods - to meet expectations; to do what's required.
(Đáp ứng mọi kỳ vọng / nhu cầu cần phải có.)

Ví dụ 1: Peter thought Bob wasn't delivering the goods, so he fired him.
Ví dụ 2: I'm depending on you to finish the job on time. I know that you can deliver the goods!

Đồng Nghĩa: to cut the mustard. Ví dụ : If you can't cut the mustard here, you'll have to find a new job.

chitchat - casual conversation; gossip.
(Trò chuyện bình thường; chuyện tầm phào.)

Ví dụ 1: Peter told Heather to stop the chitchat and get back to work.
Ví dụ 2: Okay, enough chitchat! Let's start discussing this week's reading assignment.

Đồng Nghĩa: to shoot the breeze.

Lưu ý: Chitchat can also be a verb. Ví dụ : Amber and Ted were chitchatting all night long.



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