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Ted Forms a Rock Band

Ted plans to become a successful musician. First, he needs Susan to lend him money for a new guitar. Susan suggests that Ted bake cookies to earn the money.

Ted có dự định trở thành một nhạc sĩ thành công. Đầu tiên, anh ấy cần người mẹ là bà Susan cho anh ấy mượn tiền để mua một cây guitar mới. Bà Susan gựi ý cho Ted rằng anh ấy phải nướng bánh để kiếm tiền. 


Susan:   You're ________________ (1) today, Ted.
Ted:       I've got great news, Mom.

Susan:   What is it?
Ted:       Amber and I are going to start a rock band!

Susan:   ________________ (2)!
Ted:       Mom, I'm not going to ________________ 
(3). I need to borrow $1 ,000 for a new guitar.

Susan:   Ted, your father and I can't ________________ (4) that much. We aren't ________________ (5).
Ted:       You're not? I thought you were millionaires, like Donald and Ivana Trump!*

Susan:   Ha ha. This is no time to be a ________________ (6)!
Ted:       I promise I'll ________________ 

Susan:   How?
Ted:       We're going to ________________ 
(8) and make lots of money.

Susan:   That sounds like a ________________ (9). Aren't high school rock bands ________________ (10)?
Ted:       Yeah, but we're different. With my guitar playing and Amber's beautiful voice, we're sure to ______________ 

Susan:   Well, we're going through ________________ (12). You're going to have to work for that $1,000.
Ted:       How?

Susan:   You can bake cookies.
Ted:       I bet Mrs. Clapton never made Eric** bake cookies, but I guess ________________ 

* Donald Trump is a famous American millionaire who made his money in real estate. Ivana is his ex-wife.


Tìm hiểu các thành ngữ được sử dụng trong bài hội thoại:


(to) beat around the bush - to talk around the subject; to avoid getting to the point.
(Nói vòng vo; nói gần nói xa không đề cập ngay vấn đề.)

Ví dụ 1 : Kara beat around the bush for an hour, then finally told us she needed a ride to Kennedy Airport.
Ví dụ 2: If you want something, tell me. Don't beat around the bush!

dime a dozen - so plentiful as to be nothing special; common.
(những thứ thường thấy, đi đâu cũng gặp; những thứ ở đâu cũng có, rất thông thường, không có gì đặc biệt)

Ví dụ 1: Reality TV shows are a dime a dozen these days.
Ví dụ 2: There are so many Starbucks coffee shops in Manhattan, they're a dime a dozen.

NOTE: This expression comes from the fact that a "dime" is worth only ten cents (very little value)

Good for you! - Good job! Well done!
(Giỏi quá!; hoàn hảo quá!)

Ví dụ 1: You won $100,000 on the TV game show Jeopardy? Good for you!
Ví dụ 2: You passed your math test? Good for you!

hard times - a time of difficulty.
(thời điểm khó khăn)

Ví dụ 1: Since his wife left him for her dentist, Dan has been going through hard times.
Ví dụ 2: Nancy's family is going through hard times. Her father just lost his job.

(to be) in good spirits - happy; in a good mood.
(trong trạng thái vui vẻ, hạnh phúc)

Ví dụ 1: After she won the tennis tournament, Elizabeth was in good spirits.
Ví dụ 2: Sam was in good spirits after receiving his Christmas bonus.

made of money - very rich.
(Giàu có; nhiều tiền của)

Ví dụ 1: My neighbor is re-modeling his house to look like Versailles. He doesn't have good taste, but he certainly is made of money.
Ví dụ 2: Max should be willing to loan you $10,000 to start your new business. He's made of money.

SYNONYMS: loaded; rolling in dough; to have money to bum.

(to) make a splash - to win popularity quickly.
(nổi tiếng một cách nhanh chóng)

Ví dụ 1: Nicole's beautiful cousin Cecilia from Santo Domingo really made a splash at the high school dance.
Ví dụ 2: Those new jeans really made a splash. All the kids are wearing them.

SYNONYM: to be a hit.

(to) pay (someone) back - to repay a loan or debt.
(trả lại nợ cho ai đó)

Ví dụ 1: Nicole paid her friend back the $10 she borrowed.
Ví dụ 2: You can borrow $50, but don't forget to pay me back!

NOTE: "Pay back" also means to "get revenge." Ví dụ : I know you're the one who stole my car, and one day I'll think of a way to pay you back!

pipe dream - an unrealistic hope.
(Mơ mộng ảo huyền)

Ví dụ 1: Susan would like to move to New Zealand and write romance novels, but she knows that's just a pipe dream.
Ví dụ 2: You want to become a famous actor on Broadway? That sounds like a pipe dream.

(to) shell out - to pay (often more than one would like).
(Đưa cho ai hoặc trả tiền cho vật gì đó ngoài sức của mình)

Ví dụ 1: Bob shelled out $5,000 for Nicole's piano lessons before she decided she'd rather play the flute.
Ví dụ 2: How much am I going to have to shell out to get two tickets to the Rolling Stones concert?

(to) take (something) by storm - to win popularity quickly.
(nổi tiếng hoặc dành được sự yêu chuộng của đại chúng một cách nhanh chóng)

Ví dụ 1: The play "The Producers" really took New York by storm.
Ví dụ 2: That new restaurant really took Chicago by storm!

(that's or those are) the breaks - when something bad happens and you can't do anything about it.
(một hiểm họa hoặc sự kiện nào đó đã xảy ra mà ta không ngăn cản hay làm gì được)

Ví dụ 1: By the time we got to the theater, the new Harry Potter movie was already sold out. Oh well, that's the breaks!
Ví dụ 2: Your glasses fell on a rock and broke while you were fishing? Those are the breaks!

wise guy [slang] - a smart aleck; one who makes a lot of sarcastic comments.
(một tên tài lanh láo cá, xỏ lá ba que; một tên thích châm biếm người khác.)

Ví dụ 1: When Mrs. Lee asked Joey what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said, "An adult." She told him not to be such a wise guy.
Ví dụ 2: That clerk in the video store is a real wise guy. He's always making nasty comments about the customers.

SYNONYMS: wise ass [rude], smart ass [rude]


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