Hồng Tú- Dược Sỹ

About hometown and the childhood time

Hi everyone, my name is Le Hong Tu and I come from Phu Yen. And of course my family still there. There are 4 people in my family: my dad, my mom, me and my young brother. As you knew, In my childhood I lived in the countryside and in my childhoodwhere, it didn’t have street lamps so when the sun went down, we had lots of games like “hire and find”, “run and catch”, “fake war” – using fake guns made from wood… Besides of that, we played more funny games at the day too. It’s a worth remembering memories and I was very proud of my childhood.

Friends and passing time with friends

I was an effusive person so I think it’s very easy to make friend with me, and in fact I had lots of friends but a few of them were my closed friends. We often hung out to go to the coffee shop, to drink some beer…

School and favorite subjects

I studied at HCM City Medicine and Pharmacy – one of the most famous university in my country, actually I majored in Pharmacy, at my university it had a lots of subjects, for example: Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy, Analytical Chemistry… and I’m in passion with both Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology because they contained much inform about Drugs that we could use for look after human strength. I have just graduated in July, so now I’m a pharmacist. I start working as Medical Representative at Johnson & Johnson but I think I don’t do this kind of job for long time, I will try to improve my skills so I can reach up a high level job and I will go into Marketing, cause I love it and I think my future work also really need it. If you want to know the advantages of Med Rep, it helps me in improving my communication skill, my presentation skills, my social relationship outside the society…


About my hobbies, I usually hung out to have coffee, to play football with friends, I also listened to the music, watched some movies, played guitar at free time. And one of my favorite films I love is “THE NOTEBOOK” -  a film is telling about 2 relationships of 1 girl with 2 boys. I very love football, Manchester United is the only team I supported. I usually read some books about the relationship outside, the skills, the life experiences…


Continuing, I love travelling, I have gone to almost provinces in the center side and south side of VN. I wanted to go by motorbike when travelling along Viet Nam. And I also loved travelling to all countries in the world, as long as it has some beautiful places. I can speak VietNamese, of course, and a little English.


When I was young, I had 2 big dreams. The first one is looking after my parents, myself and my relatives. The other is attending business, I wanted to become abusinessman. And now I’m in the way of doing my dreams.


Hoàng Thủy- SV ĐH Kiến Trúc

Hello! My name’s Thuy. I’m 19 years old. 
I come from Kien Giang province where is a country in the West of Vietnam. 
In my memory, my hometown is peaceful and simply. This is a delta with a lot of rivers, low mountain and near the sea. The people with sweet voice are generous and cheerful. Some foods are cooked by special way and spice. I was born and grew up in there... so the images of my hometown are remembered in my mind. There is a song which is described my hometown and I felt surprised as soon as a schoolmate in my university said that he has known this song since he saw a clip about countries in the west of Vietnam, my hometown was really peaceful.
Now, my hometown is looking up. In the past, a lot of people worked on a paddy field or went fishing on the sea. But now, they’re working in company or factory, their children are studied more. A large water surface on the sea was filled and it became a new land for apartments and public places. If you want to see the sunset, this place is really a good view. There are a lot of new buildings and projects which are going to be done. I think If there is having a wide knowledge about my hometown and investing in there, this place will have development.
Luckily, my family is happiness. My parents come from other countries in the South and the Middle of Vietnam, so I was known about the interesting culture in their hometown. When I was young, I often got sick, my parents had to stay up late to look after me little by little. They always stand by me every time when I have a trouble but they also teach me hard. I have twin younger brothers, they’re studying at secondary school, one of them is studying at my old secondary school and he likes reading comic book such as Doremon, Crayon Shin-chan and other one just likes going out with his friends or playing games. Sometimes they make me lose my temper, but I think they are just mischievous kids. Once in 2 months, I go back to my hometown but I miss my family so much, I want have more time to stay at home with my family. At least, they usually call me and we share everything in our life. I love my family where is the most sweetest.
Now, I’m studying at University of Architecture which is training Architecture, Urban Planning, Interior Designer, Graphics Designer, Fashion Designer, Civil Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering. My University is different to others University. It has 4000 students, and stays in the downtown in HCM City where is near Con Rua lake and Duc Ba Church so students often come there to chit-chat and eat some special foods (I’m mentioning that is the street foods). It have a lot of clubs that students can choose: you like sport, have football club, Vovinam club and badminton club; you like volunteer work, you can choose social work group; you like dancing, let go with dance-sport club or break dance club,… something like this. In relaxing time, many students usually play the guitar and other students sing together. I believe that If you have a change to visit my school, you’ll feel that is interesting. 
I go into Infrastructure Engineering. This is a new major in Vietnam and there are a few universities training this major. I made up my mind to study it because infrastructure in Vietnam is bad so I think I stand a change in this. The specialist is interesting. I’m studied something such as: general knowledge about planning and network design all sectors of urban infrastructure: land preparation techniques, network traffic, network power and information, water supply network. Sometimes, I felt tired because something in lesson was difficult to understand, something in regulations aren’t  reasonable to do in Vietnam but we must perform project with regulations. My studying is fine, when I don’t understand about lesson, I can ask my teacher one more time. My classmate and I also study together. I’ll try my best to become a good student.
My class in university is amazing class I’ve had since I gone to primary school. There’re 60 members in my class and 50 members in there are boys. We come from the different countries in Vietnam... and in our mind, hometown of another people is very strange. I can mention something such as: climate, voice, food, cultural and other things are different. Therefore, everyone wants to discover hometown of other one. On the other hand, all members in my class are not be the same of age. Generality members are 19, 20, or 21 years old, but that’s awesome when we have member is 28 years old and other one is 30 years old. At beginning of the first semester, we seem have a gossip in a few times, I felt they were not friendly too much. Since second semester, everything has become better. We have to talk over in lessons. Sometimes, we go on picnic together. I also often have a dinner with them, share my notes in lesson, I can play a joke or tell funny stories with them. After all, the number of member in my class is not too much, so we can study together in the same class until we’re going to graduate. 
My friends are classmate or schoolmate. It’s hard for me to find a new friend. Maybe, the reason is I’m not confident. After the end of first year in university, I have more new friends. They are my classmate or students who are studying the same major. Moreover, when I participated the volunteer group, I met a lot of students in different major. They are friendly and humor, I’ve learned more interesting things from them. The biggest surprise I had when I met students, they lived in the same hometown as me. In that time, I knew meeting a countryman in strange city makes I feel comfortable. However, I still keep in touch with my old friends who are my classmate in high school. We usually have an offline and visit teachers house in vacation. We’ve studied and got over the difficult in school’s life together, we’ve had more lovely memory so every time we had we share everything in our life and plans in the future.
Each person has a soul-mate to confide their mind and I have, too. My soul-mate is studying at University of Science in Thu Duc District. The first time I met him was the final year in secondary school. Although we weren’t study in the same school, both of us studied the same teacher in her house. Then, in high school, we were schoolmates. But since we were at the final year, our friendship has become better. He helped me in Math and Chemistry. He didn’t dare ask me out, so he said if I get high mark in Physics, he will fool the dinner bill. In our hometown, we often go to the coffee shop – Tropical coffee where is the first place we came together; have the breakfast or hang around the beach. In HCM City, once a month he comes to my dormitory, takes me go out, after that we go to the cinema, he doesn’t know the good food store in there so we often eat at fast food store like KFC, Jollibee or Lotteria... He can guess my thinking and answer all my questions... and in this situation I like make him angry and say “I’m sorry”.
I have been living in dormitory of my university since the first semester. All friends in there are very friendly. They had helped me so much since I moved in. My school has two dormitories: one for girls and one for boys. There are 60 girls in dormitory and we are living like a family, a lot of people who look at there, they don’t think this is a dormitory, it looks like a house with many girls... and we can live in there from the first year to finally year. We have to accept the timetable, dormitory is closed at 11pm but if I come back late, I will recommend my friend that I will close the door when I come back. We came to an agreement about regulations – time, house work, what things everyone can do in there. Sometimes, we have a small party to cheer someone who has graduated, birthday, new year or Christmas,... I’m happy when I live there, it is the same my family. 
I’m telling you about my hobbies. I love reading books. I like the books was written by Nguyen Nhat Anh most, it’s talks about students and teenagers. They’re funny, nice, meaningful. When I was young, I liked Conan – the famous detective too but now I like novel and love story more. Besides, I like watching anime and cartoon. I’ve been watching anime about Naruto who is a young ninja to save his village. But I don’t like the fighting scenes, I like lessons were sent by authors. I usually watch Korean’s romantic film on Internet. The film about action, science fiction or comedy, I go to cinema where has a large screen, best sound and high quality of image .Sometimes I listen to music. My playlist has a lot of kinds of music with different languages. English songs, what is composed in 80 or 90 dedicate; Vietnamese songs talk about my country and people in there or memorable of students; Chinese, Japanese, Korean songs are soundtracks of the movies I like best; and many instrumental songs.


Huy HoàngSV ĐH Kiến Trúc

I love taking photos! It always fascinates me to see the beauty of nature from the largest natural landscapes to the very little wonders like tiny flowers. Wherever I go to visit places of natural wonders, I always take pictures of tiny flowers with attractive and awesome colors.  Seeing the beauty of these tiny flowers really inspires me. Most people won’t probably notice them, but for me small things matter and these tiny flowers have been my source of joy.


Huỳnh Quang Long- KS Công Nghệ Thông Tin

Good evening my friends, my full name is Huynh Quang Long and you can call me is Long. I’m from Ben Tre province. You know? There is the famous song about Ben Tre: “who’s standing there looking like a coconut shadow, with long hair gone in the wind? … That’s Ben Tre’s girl …” . This is the green land with coconut trees, fruits gardens, rivers and canals…Ben Tre province is located at the end of the Cuu Long River Delta. It has borders with the East Sea to the east, with 60 kilometers long coast line, around 85 kilometers far from Ho Chi Minh City.
My family is a kind of nuclear family and it’s also the typical of Vietnam family. There are four people in my family: my parents, my younger brother and me. My father is a famer. He is very strict, but he always gives us some useful advice about study. My mother is a house work-wife. She cooks very well. We like to eat some of her dishes. My younger brother is a student of high school. A the last member is me. I’m a senior student of Ho Chi Minh university of Industry. Actually, my major is Computer Science. In addition, I’m working for a company as a computer programmer. I work from eight to five and currently I’m up to my neck in work. But I also go to the evening class to study English. You know, before I was so bad at English. I had finished an intermediate level course before I came here. But I’m a lot better now, thanks for this new way of learning.
I live in with my family until I’m 18 years old. In my best memories, I can tell you about my childhood. At that time, my hobby is copper deposit collection. When I was still only baby, my mother began to collect for me. Of course, she didn’t let me touch the copper deposit until I was old enough to didn’t lose them. I remember that it was on my tenth birthday, she put them into my hands. Since that time, I have added three more, so that, I have a bigger collection than any of my friends at the moment. Conclusion, I was so happy with my childhood.
But now, I don’t collect copper deposit because that isn’t my hobby. I enjoy doing many things in my free time. I very fond of music. When I’m free, I often listen to my favorite songs from my laptop. At weekend, I usually go to music shop in the downtown areas to buy good CDs. Of the famous pop singer I prefer Michel Jackson, Madonna and Paul MC Carney. I also spend an hour after dinner watching news and documentary programs. I particularly enjoy the program "The World Here and There" because it broadens my knowledge of nature and human civilizations.  Sometime, I go to the cinema with my roommate to see Hollywood block buster movies. I like go out with close friend every weekend and talk anything for last week. Besides, I really like sitting in front of my computer, coding and downloading anything from the internet. I can use computer all time and never feel any boring. I think that my hobbies are very useful. They widen my knowledge, relax my mind, and make me feel better about myself. 
When I have a holiday and going to go to the seaside or travel abroad as a tourist, I usually think first of all decide on the means of traveling. I can travel by train, by ship, by car and of course, by plane. Traveling by plane is more comfortable, quicker than any other method. But I don’t like it because I won’t see very much of the country where I go to. So, trains are good enough for this case. I like traveling by ship because I can watch the sun rise and set, which is an unforgettable sight. Sometime, I enjoy going by car, I may spend part of your holiday moving from place to place. I can stop wherever you like.


Lê Phước Long- KS Hạ Tầng

My full name is Le Phuoc Long. (And) you can call me Long. I’m 27 year old. I’ve got married for more than one year and I will have a child on next October. She will be a pretty girl. I’m very happy going to have a baby. It's really desirable
It is very exciting that I have a chance to talk about my hometown where I always proud of my childhood. I from Kon Tum province, it’s located in the Highlands in Central Vietnam and is about 700km from HCM City. It is my persuasion that my hometown is the most beautiful and peaceful place in my mind. And, of course, you can also feel easy to make friend with so many friendly and kind locals at there. They will gladly show you what you want to find out, and where you want to go even though they are not your guides but that means you will have thousand of tour guide in my hometown. They will help you, just free! Moreover, Kon Tum has a lot of lakes and mountains which stand side by side along with a trip land. I will be blamed if I don't tell about the second highest mountain in Vietnam, Ngoc Linh mountain which is the most attractive mountain in my hometown. Totally, KonTum is really gifted with scenic natural beauty. And some experts take the hold that, KonTum is suitable place for growing in tourism.
My family is still there but I have moved to this city for my study and word since 2003. There six people in my family: my father, my mother, my three elder sisters and me. My family is a nuclear family and also the typical family of Vietnam. We used to live in the same apartment and witnessed the stages of development of each member.  My father was an accountant at a government department in my hometown. He was a breadwinner like the most Vietnam husband but now he was retired. My mother was a home worker who took care every in my house. She is a kind of Vietnam traditional woman, this means, she was just at home for managing and caring our sibling. As can we seen, my parent generation have lived and worked at there for a long time, about 35 years. Besides, I have got for nieces and one nephew. They look very lovely and I love them so much.
I lived with my parents for 18 years from I was born. In my best memories, childhood was one of times that it gave me with laughs, tear-drops and useful lessons. I can share to you that I used to be entertaining with many of Vietnam traditional games such as “hide and find”, “throwing bottle”, cuf-a kind toy is made by wood and so on. One of the most memorable memory that I was six years old, I got together with my friends going to a small lake at near my house. While my friends were catching some fish, I saw a colorful fish and I wanted to pursue it.. I went far away from lakeshore and fell into a deep area of lake. I couldn't swim so I screamed loudly but my friends could not hear. Fortunately, an old fisherman saw me and he rescued me from drowning. I extremely scared and since then I have never gone to this lake once more time. I know I was an active boy at that time. It is for sure I have much more childhood memory that I can tell you very time. In brief, I was so happy with my childhood.

Civil engineer is my job but I'm always ready to pursuit a different line.  I had graduated at Architecture university of HCMC in 2011 before I had 5 years studying in the specialist of water supply and sewage system. The most important reason why I chose this major that was I was fascinated by designing drawing, structures and its application in reality is high. And now, I was working for a construction company as a designer. I’m in charge of making detail drawing and coordinate with my colleagues to work smooth running. But, As turned out, I imaged one day at my working time had the same every day , my daily working was always so, boring and killing the time. And I really don’t  like this working because I realize that it’s a dead-end jobs .I’m going to apply to other company on next soon . And further, I want to open my own business in the future. You know, I’m still having a plan and some ideas in my head. I believe that I can do it on next three years.
I’m a person with open personality so I have many different friends in every part of my activities life. With working is my coworkers, In the process of working, we support the others together. I also accumulate the expertise from them.  And another part of my life I can't lack of my buddies.  I have got some best friends who learned at high school with me. I’m really trustful them and can share everything. We treat like sibling.
Next, I want to share about my hobbies. I like reading books , watching football – tennis matches on TV , playing seahorse chess and travelling .  I usually bring a book – any topic in my handbag and reading it any time when I’m free . And now , I’m reading a book “ Practicing pronunciation like American” . I always spend certain times on watching TV every evening .On weekends, I often go to my friend for playing seahorse chess . I feel so comfortably and reducing stress when I play it. [sử dụng thêm các tính từ để mô tả cho từng sở thích]
You know, travelling is one of the hobbies that I like best and my favorite kind of vacation is going self-sufficient because I’m independent man, I like to discover a new place or sightseeing by myself. With a few where is near this city, I will choose motorbike to go . in my opinion , it is “ freedom solution” and the best way for discovery . First, you can stop and going a journey that you want. Second, you can view the beauty of nature completely. You also save a little money for arising cost. Finally, you have a lot exciting experiences that there aren’t other transports. And contrast, I will use the bus, train , or airplane for my safety and health even although spending will be expensive more than . I have been gone quite many place at domestic but I’m really impress with NhaTrang city. One of the differences between NhaTrang and Where I’m living it’s sea . Acording to aninformation from internet put the view that coast of NhaTrang is the most beautiful in Viet Nam and NhaTrang is one of the most beautiful bay in all over the world. And something that in my mind about NhaTrang that’s sand, yellow sunshine and blue sea. In the future, I want to visit other country in the world to find out and discover their culture. it’s not only helping me have new experiences but also knowing more useful knowledge. So, from now, I try to earn and save money for this purpose.

Cẩm Huyền- SV ĐH Tài Chính Marketing

Hi, everybody ! to day, I'm glad to be here!

My name is Huyen. I’m 20 years old. I come from Phu Yen province. I was born into a wonderful family in the countryside but now we live in Tuy Hoa city.There are four people in my family: my dad,my mom, my youger sister and me. my childhood is the best period of my life. I was lived in the love of parents, grandparents and friends. My childhood is associated with kites, summer afternoons roaming around, the afternoon fishing or is the time chasing, jumping rope. My childhood memories are also afternoon play badminton with my dad, are candies are shared with peers. My childhood years were filled with pink cover, is the memories that I remember every difficulty in life. if someone wishes me a moment, I wish I could go back to that moment.That’s great! My dad- who most influenced me, is a normal person in the eyes of others, but to me the whole world. He has been to most parts of the country to learn many things and valuable experience. To me, he is a dictionary encyclopedia. Until now, my father is affecting all my decision. My mother is a wonderful woman in the family and in society.
I have many friends: shool’s friend, society friend and sidekicks. I think I have the greatest friends in the word.My shool friends are very sociable, confident and creative. We often talked about subject in class, extra-curricular activities of the school. for those of you a bit closer, we learn about the family, friends and each other's interests. sometimes we go picnic together to reduce pressure in study and understand each other more. My society friends are mostly in charity club.i have joined Passion youth club. Passion youth club, which is a charitable organization by the young founders in Phu Yen to help the poor children have difficult situations in life. In there, we discuss our plans to make in a certain period of time. we work together to find information about the open house shelters. we look to donors to mobilize supporters. Annual three months we visited the open house a home, and have fun, and learn with baby. most especially those of my sidekick. we know everything  each other. I all grew up together and shared so many experiences together. sometimes without saying anything, we can also understand what the other person is thinking. We meet every week or every day talking on the phone. we tell each other what had happened, chatting together and can say anything. They are important to me.That is a beautiful friendship will follow us to the end of life.
I’m a third year student, I’m studing at university of finance and marketing .my major is accouting banking. My university is the leading marketing training , is the only school training for customs officials in the southern region. My university is also one of the leaders in the movement. I was learned very interesting things at school.i learn not only about knowledge but also going into practice. mostly we learn about numbers. mostly we learn about numbers, the financial terms and the economic situation. And I like it. That is my job later. in the four year, we are going to the bank three times times each two months. We were learned a lot of experience coming here. therefore, when we had graduated a few valuable experience. and that is what employers want. I am convinced that very few universities have internship programs such as the effectiveness of our. I am proud to be a UFM-er (.
I have little free time, usually on Sunday. I go to school all week and do part-time jobs. I usually catch a bus to unknown destination. looking through the glass I can see everything. I can feel the rush of life of the people of Saigon. the burden street, the luxury boutiques, the beggar that I can see both me feel very special. through which I see my life is more fortunate than the other lives. My habit forming since I arrived in Saigon. I do everything without my parents, my family. the world is too big compared to my imagination. I feel unsteady, unbalanced. I want to observe everything and I go. I have seen many things in the past 2 years. it's too useful to give up my four thousand dong. those that do not learn from books only from the trip. 

Tổng hợp

Ce Phan