Bài tập: Dạng câu hỏi có một người trong hình


1.                                                                                  2.


     B       C        D                                             A        B          C      D 


     3.                                                                                      4. 
     B       C        D                                                       A       B       C       D 
A. The man is paying for some items.
B. The man is holding onto the cart.
C. The man is displaying the products
D. The man is reaching for the items on the shelves
A. He is addressing the audience.
B. He is shaking his hand
C. He is speaking into the microphone.
D. He is putting on his jacket
A. The woman is about to take a book out of the shelf.
B. The woman is is reading some books.
C. The woman is placing some books on the reshlving cart
D. The woman is piling some books up
A. She is resting her computer on her lap
B. She is installing some computer software programs
C. She is carrying a chair into the office
D. She is starting at the monitor
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