Bài nói chuyện trong công ty

1. What does the woman want?
  A. A supervisor’s phone number
  B. Where supplies are located
  C. Promotion approval
  D. The location of the warehouse

2. Where is the department head?
  A. At home
  B. In her office
  C. In the supply room
  D. In the print shop

3. What does then man suggest the women do?
  A. make a purchase orther
  B. Speak with Emiko
  C. Buy a new phone
  D. Get a receipt

4. What are the speakers discussing?
  A. A printing erro
  B. A staff meeting
  C. A new program
  D. A travel itinerary

5. What does the woman ask the man to do?
  A. Cancel a flight
  B. Attend a seminar
  C. Proo fread the seminar schedule
  D. Call a publisher

6. What does the women offer to do?
  A. Revise a schedule
  B Write a note
  C. Review a document
  D. Extend a deadline

7. Who is the woman most likely talking to?
  A. Her supplier
  B. Her co-worker
  C. Her neighbor
  D. Her customer

8. What does the man say about the software installation?
  A. There is a technical problem with it.
  B. It has to be completed by tomorrow.
  C. It will be discussed at a conference.
  D. He wants it done on his computer.

9. What does the woman suggest?
  A. Meet Richard
  B. Get permission
  C. Talk to her  supervisor
  D. Apply for a job

1. (A)   2 (A)   3 (B)   4 (A)   5 (C)   6 (D)   7 (B)   8 (D)   9(A)


W: Do you have the department head’s home number? I need to check right away if she’s approved the purchase of printer supplies at the warehouse.
M: No, I don’t have it. Why don’t you ask her secretary, Emiko. She has the number.
W: Yes, That’s a good idea. Thanks
M: Let me know if you have any problem reaching her.


M: The schedule has the seminar session dates mixed up.
W: Yes, I noticed that. Could you proofread it before it’s sent to the publisher?
M: Okay. I’ll make sure there are no errors. When are we sending it?
W: It’s due by 11:00 A.M. But I’ll see if we can get some more time for this.


M: Kathy, do I need to get an approval for the software installation?
W: Yes, you’ll have to get the request form signed by your superior before you submit it.
M: He’s not in the office today. I need this work t be done immediately.
W: Why don’t you talk to Richard? He might be able to help you out.


Biên tập: Ce Phan
Theo: Big Step Toeic
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