Unit 1Great places to be (phần 1)


A. Làm nóng:

Q: Which of the cities would you like to visit? Why?
(Sử dụng những từ gợi ý bên dưới)
excellent shopping        – friendly people             – great food                       – lots to do
- unusual buildings          – lively festivals              – spectacular scenery

The world’s friendliest city

A team of social psychologists from California has spent six years studying the reactions of people in cities around the world to different situations. The results show that cities where people have less money generally have friendlier populations. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, which is often known for its crime, comes out top, and the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, comes third. 

But what makes one city friendlier than another? The psychologists from California State University say it has got more to do with environment than culture or nationality. 

They carried out a study into the way locals treated strangers in 23 cities around the world. The team conducted their research through a series of tests, where they dropped pens or pretended they were blind and needed help crossing the street. 

The study concludes that people are more helpful in cities with a more relaxed way of life such as Rio. While they were there, researchers received help in 93 percent of cases, and the percentage in Lilong we was only a little lower. However, richer cities such as Amsterdam and New York are considered the least friendly. Inhabitants of Amsterdam helped the researchers in 53 percent of cases and in New York just 44 percent. The psychologists found that, in these cities, people tend to be short of time, so they hurry and often ignore strangers.

adapted from an article by Victoria Harrison, BBC News

B. Trả lời các câu hỏi bên dưới

      1 Which four cities are mentioned?
      2 Which is the friendliest?
      3 Are you surprised that people in cities with less money are friendlier? Why? / Why not?
      4 What is the friendliest place you have ever visited?
      5 How friendly are people in your town or city to visitors? Give examples.


A. Nghe và xác định phần đọc nào đúng với các mục được cho sẵn. Bấm chọn vào những đáp án đúng


    1   Romney                5   Fawcett              
    2   Cairns                   6  15 cents
    3   Bragg                    7   0726 05791
    4   Jeckyll                   8   30 Lower Road


B. Một người đàn ông gọi điện để hỏi về thuê phòng trong kỳ nghỉ. Nghe và điền vào chỗ trống:

                                      Dubai Palm Apartments

Enquiry taken by:                      Amanda
Name:                                       1_____________
Address:                                   37 2
_____________ Vienna
Telephone number:                 3
Number of people:                    four
Starting date:                          4
_____________ January
Length of stay:                        5
Price per day:                         maximum 6_____________ euros
Other requirements:

  • FULLY EQUIPPED         7_____________
  • VIEW OF                        8_____________
  • AIR CONDITIONING MUST BE 9_____________
  • 10_____________ for car


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