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Ce Phan sưu tầm và giới thiệu những câu hỏi mang tính cập nhật nhất về chủ đề tiếng Anh: Bầu cử và Chính trị (Election & Polistic). Các câu hỏi được sắp xếp theo các nhóm câu hỏi như: Bầu cử năm 2016 ở Mỹ; Bầu cử nói chung; Các chính trị gia; Chính trị nói chung

Chủ đề này cũng được Ce Phan biên soạn với đầy đủ các loại bài học khác nhau và giới thiệu tại hệ thống học tiếng Anh Timeline Learning.

Bầu cử năm 2016 ở Mỹ (2016 US presidential election)

  • Do you follow US elections?
  • Do you have a favorite candidate?
  • Do you know of any candidates in addition to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Bầu cử nói chung (Voting)

  • Did you vote in the last election? Are you going to vote in the next one?
  • How old were you when you first voted? Was it your first opportunity?
  • What is the minimum voting age in your country? Should it be higher or lower?
  • How do you decide your vote?
  • Do you listen to all the arguments and then decide?
  • Do you always vote for the same party? Do you toss a coin?
  • Do you know the name of your representative in local and national government?
  • How long is the term of elected officials in your country?

Các chính trị gia (Politicians)

  • Would you like to be a politician? Why, why not?
  • Why do you think people get involved in politics?
  • What, in general, do you think are the qualities of a good political leader?
  • In general, what is your opinion of the politicians in your country?
  • Do you think that politicians are, in general, honest? At a guess, what percentage of politicians are corrupt?
  • Apart from government ministers - what do you think that most politicians actually do all day in parliament?

Chính trị nói chung (Politics)

  • What do you think is the most important political issue at the moment?
  • Do you enjoy debating politics with your friends?
  • Do they have similar views to yours?
  • Do you think people’s political views change over their lifetime?
  • Do you think too much money is spent on political campaigns?
  • Where does the money for campaigns come from in your country?
  • What say, if any, should religious organisations have in politics?
  • Newspapers typically devote many pages to politics. Do you read them? Do you think many people read them?


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