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Câu hỏi: [Opinion & Discussion]

Some people think that environmental problems are too big for individuals to be solved, while others think that individuals can solve these environmental problems without governments.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer: 

Environmental pollution has become the most pressing problem in the modern world and caused many debatable issues about whose responsibility it is. Some people think that it is difficult for individuals to solve whereas the others claim this problem for government's main role. I believe that improving the environment requires a great deal of efforts from vary participants.

There are some arguments that individuals can not handle the environmental issues, but their undeniable contributions  can minimize global environmental hazards. In fact, most of the major reasons for the pollution are the results of human activities and everyone needs to take responsibility for their causes. To be more specific, the large amount of exhaust fumes in the atmosphere is from the use of private vehicles. In stead of waiting for solutions from their government, each traveller can change to use public forms of transport to substantially reduce the burning of fossil fuels and the amount of cacbon dioxit to environment. Besides, shopping activities and household works also create much plastic bags, unclassified rubbish... Thus, idividuals can make a conscious effort to change their daily habits, such as: choosing products with less packaging, reducing household waste. 

It’s certainly true that the environmental damages can not be solved without the interventions of governments. Firstly, governments have more influences than individuals in encouraging people to with eco-friendly activities and rasing the wareness of energy use. Secondly, the congress of a country can pass laws to limit the emissions or impose “green taxes” on the companies  which have bad impacts on environment. Furthermore, they can outline a national climate action plan that puts emphasize on several key ways to reduce environmental consequences. Apart from that, since environmental damage is a global issue, governmental organizations can work for an effective international climate treaty negotiation so that international efforts can be ensured in reducing environmental damages worldwide.

In conclusion, governments play a major role to address the threat of environment and individuals can join hands to taķe steps to reduce the damages. I think these pressing problems will be beyond reach unless there are the contributions from whole society.

(350 words, written by Hoai Thuong)


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