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Câu hỏi: Reasons/ suggestions

Water resources around the world are falling deficient. Analyse the possible reasons and provide your suggestions.

Sample answer 1:

Nowadays, the lack of water resources is on an alarming level when people are suffering from the consequences of uncontrollable water consumption. With the change of global climate, fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce. This is a this is a challenge to the future of people's lives.

Not surprisingly, the acute fresh water shortage derives from the result of human behaviors. To name a few, people have constructed a lot of hydroelectric power plants and built many dams which caused the loss of water circulation in rivers. Moreover, toxic waste is being discharged carelessly on water streams, lakes or the sea which makes water resource polluted. Besides, natural phenomenons, such as volcanic eruptions, severe droughts are the other elements contributing to the water crisis. It means that there are more and more areas where suffer the bad water condition or have less the amount of rainfall in times of drought. As a consequence, water supplies for human activities are threatened seriously .

To address these problems effectively, some practical measures should be taken into acounts to prevent water scarcity. Government should pass laws to punish those who harm the water evironment. A part from this, the related factories and companies must be prohibited for discharging untreated waste water into natural habitat. Furthermore, individuals should also take responsibility for protecting environment. By doing this, they really have discerning interventions to keep the precious water resources safe from risks. Last but not least, people should encourage the eco-friendly lifestyle and enhance saving drinkable water.

In  conclusion, fresh water resources is being destroyed by variety of  human activities that both government and individuals should be responsible for the consequences. Obviously, people will largely mitigate water crisis with the outlined solutions.

(290 words, written by Le Quang Dai)


Sample answer 2

Due to the rapid industrialization, the natural resources in many parts of the world are shrinking remarkablly, especially the water resources. Then I will analyze some major factors which caused these problems and give the solutions to solve them at the present time.

To begin with, the lack of resources is caused by diverse factors relating to the human-involved pollution. The most influenced factor is that many plants have been releasing raw sewages without treatment to the natural environment. So the ground water and surface water systems in the world were polluted when they are absorbed by toxic liquid from those factories. Besides, destruction of forest which caused the decrease in the amount of fresh water in the same is another reason recorded by the environment authorities. As a consequence, water shortage is becoming more and more serious in the many regions in the world.

There are several measures that many countries can conducted to prevent water scarcity and ensure the abundant and safe water supplies. Firstly, the governments should pass laws to control the sewages and wastes in all plants and require them to have waste treatment system inside their production lines. Secondly, it is necessary to have appropriate propagandas that the forests are really important to maintain ground water supplies. Last but not least, people need to change their habits and have an eco-friendly lifestyle which may help them to protect the natural resources in the future. All in all, these solutions brought some positive methods to solve problems about water needs of many people every day.

In conclusion, there are various factors which give strong influences to lead to water shortage. Although, many people still didn’t have enough drinking water, but the above-mentioned methods largely mitigated lacking of water over the world.

(295 words, written by Nguyen Nhu Ngoc)


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