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Câu hỏi: Agree/Disagree

Reducing global environmental damage should be handled by governments rather than individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer: 

In many circles, governments often have a significant role to play in reducing environmental damage. But I believe that individuals also take responsibility for protecting their living conditions. 

It is important that governments plan for a comprehensive set of climate solutions in a long-term. In fact, the congress of a country can pass laws to limit the emission from companies and factories. In another words, air and water pollution in funtional areas could be solved by the stringent regulations which are examined by the evironment authorities. By doing this, governments can adjust the amount of gas emission and handle the burning of fossil fuels. Moreover, raising awareness of protecting environment for young people is very necessary. For example, outside programs in Saigon zoo are often held by schools in Ho Chi Minh city which really attracted number of adolescents and adults with many practical lessons about environment. 

On the other hand, individual's responsibility could be mentioned in the role of minimising environmental consequences by changing the habits in the daily life. Firstly, people should change from private vehicles to public forms of transport, especially when they commute to work. The certain amount of exhaust fumes will be cut off by this way and noise pullution can be limited. Secondly, shoppers considers to stop using plastic bags and choose eco-friendly products less packaging. Fortunately, there are more and more suppliers offerring the alternative goods for most harmful ones, so people should opt these services for household items. Lastly, switching off electricity and reusing products are the additional habits that everyone can change and encourage people to follow.

In conclusion,  environmetal pollution is aworrying concern for the the whole society so that governments and individuals should be involved to fully address the threat of environment. Long-term solutions with policies are the key measures while specific actions from people will reduce pressure in public hygiene

(304 words, written by Nhu Nguyen) 

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