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Ở bài đăng kỳ trước, Ce Phan đã gợi ra những câu hỏi phổ biến nhất về chủ đề Science & Techonolgy. Bài viết này sẽ là những câu hỏi khác với phần trả lời mẫu được biên tập từ các trang web khác. 

Bài viết cũng liên kết tới bài viết về những từ vựng thông dụng khi về nói chủ đề Technology. Hãy tham khảo thêm trang Timeline Learning để tiếp tục theo dõi các chủ đề tiếng Anh khác

Part 1- common questions

Question 1: Do you enjoy using technology?
Sample answer 1: Well … I wouldn’t call myself a techie or a computer buff but I enjoy using computers … I’d like to find out more about  how they work … when my computer crashes I never know what to do.

Sample answer 2: Yes, I think I could call myself a techie. I spend almost my free time on technology such as playing video game, watching TV and surfing the Internet. I couldn’t imagine how my life would be without technology.

Question 2: Do you use the Internet for your studies?
Sample answer 1: Yes … I’d be lost without it … I do lots of video conferencing to practise speaking and social media like Facebook is a good way to meet up with other students … and I download podcasts that teach English vocabulary and grammar.

Sample answer 2: Of course yes, I usually go online and search information to finish my assignments, and sometimes I download some books from the internet to read and prepare for our studies at school.

Question 3: Do you have your own computer?
Sample answer 1: Yes … I have a Macbook Pro … I use it all the time … for word processing … browsing websites and catching up with TV programmes I’ve missed.

Sample answer 2: Yes, I have a Vaio laptop, which is my birthday gift from my parents. Although it is not a high-spec one, but I can meet all my needs at the moment, In the future when I have enough money, I will upgrade my laptop.


Part 2- Cue card

Describe an item of technology you have that is very important. You should say:

  • what the technology is
  • when you got it
  • how often you use it

and say how different your daily life would be without it.

Sample answer 1:

I don’t have many gadgets … just a computer … a laptop and my mobile phone … but I’ll talk about my computer as it’s so useful … it’s funny really … 2 years ago I was still learning to use computers … how to use email … send attachments how to access websites … then I decided to do a digital editing course for video and photography … and so I bought the laptop when I started the course  …  my husband had a desktop PC but it was very slow so I decided to upgrade to a powerful one because we do a lot of video editing on the course … it’s a high-spec laptop … very fast … the latest operating system … it boots up really quickly and it’s  fun to use so it makes working a pleasure … I’ve become a competent computer user now … if I didn’t have it I daresay I’d have to spend more time at college using their computers … but on the positive side I suppose I’d read a lot more if I didn’t have it  …  I probably waste a lot of time surfing the web … but hopefully I won’t have to be without it …

Sample answer 2

There are a various kind of electronic appliance in my house, but I believe the fridge is the most important thing that we can barely live without. We bought the gadget 2 years ago, which was the latest model at that time. It is amazing that after 2 years running, our fridge still works properly and there isn’t any damages. The appliance is made by Samsung,which is the most well-known brand of producing household. My first impression about the refrigerator is tall gray rectangle box, and what is really interesting is that when I stand in front of the fridge, it can reflect my image like a mirror, then I always prefer to look myself into it rather than a real mirror.

While the main purpose of the fridge is keeping food and drink longer by keeping it at the low temperature, it has other functions such as power cooling mode and power saving. When the power cooling mode is on, the temperature inside the fridge could be went down faster than on a normal mode. Due to the power saving feature, our refrigerator could save a great deal of energy when running, which might contribute to the protection of the environment, also help us to save a lot of money per month. After buying the gadget, our life become more comfortable because we can consume fresh food and drink whenever we need. Thus I hope that we don’t have to live without the refrigerator in the future.


Part 3- discussion questions

Question 1: What do you think are the important things people need to learn when they start using computers?
Sample answer 1: Well … there are things like how to use the Internet  … how to enter a web address … how to navigate websites … that kind of thing but it’s also important to know how to back up your files in case your computer crashes … and all about Internet security.

Sample answer 2: In my point of view the first thing is learning how to boot up a computer in the right way, because if people turn on the computer wrongly, it can’t work properly. And another thing is to protect the computer sufficiently. For example, in the modern worldif you do not ensure the internet security, a hacker can attack your computer anywhere and anytime, then your important information will be leaked easily.

Question 2: What kind of technological developments have made the biggest impact on our lives?
Sample answer 1: In my lifetime it has to be the Internet of course but I also think wifi has made a huge difference to how we interact with the Internet … wireless networks at home and public wifi hotspots mean we can go online easily … access our mail … log into our work intranet and basically be connected wherever we are.

Sample answer 2: I guess it would have to be the internet. Indeed nowadays with a device connected to the internet, individuals can gain access to the internet whenever and wherever they like. For instance, I could use my smart phone which is connected to wireless networks at home or atwireless hostpots to go online, and browse the websites.

Question 3: Do computers make it much easier to study?
Sample answer 1: Definitely yes … researching information is much easier with the Internet .. you can bookmark webpages for future reference and writing essays is much easier … being able to cut and paste sections of text means you can experiment with organisation … so yes … compared to years ago when you had a pile of books on your desk and a pen and paper … it’s now much easier.


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