Bài viết này tổng hợp lại đề thi IELTS Speaking trong năm 2017 từ nhiều nguồn thu thập được qua Internet. Ce Phan cũng tham khảo thêm về những đề thi gần đây của học viên tại CEP.  

Đề thi của IELTS được giữ kín, do đó những phần ghi lại bên dưới là những gì các thí sinh còn nhớ lại. Có thể sẽ có những sai lệch nhất định, tuy nhiên các bạn có thể tham khảo để có thể hiểu nhiều hơn về những đề thi gần đây. 


AT, Uzbekistan, 30/5/2017

Part 1:

- Do you live in a house or an apartment?
- Where would you like to live in the future (why)?
- Do you know your byside neighbours?
- Is it important to be a good neighbour?
- Have you ever got aid from neighbour?
- What time of typical day do you usually ge up?
- What time of the day you like?
- Why it is important for people to get asleep earlier?

Part 2:

Describe a cake that was special. You should say: 
   - What is it made of
   - Why did you cook it
   - Who did you eat with
Why you think it was special and how you felt about it

Part 3:

- What is the meaning of meal (Why people eat together)? Is it good or not?
- Is food nowadays good or not (The question was about the quality of food today)?
- Do people eat at home or in restaurants nowadays (why)?

AT, India, 29/5/2017

Part 1

- What is your full name?
- Do you work or study?
- What do you do in your leisure time?
- Can you play any musical instruments?
- Do you think it is easy to play some musical instruments?
- Did you learn any instruments in school?
- Should every children attend music classes?

Part 2

Describe an occasion when you received a good service from a company or shop. You should say:
    - what the service was
    - when you received the service
    - where you received the service
and explain why you think it was a good service.

Part 3

- What do the companies do to attract customers?
- Which business provide more service small or large?
- Why people think large business provide more serives?
- Do services affect on customer? Why?
- How they affect on business shops?
- Where customer can make any complaint and how?

GT, India 31/5/2017

Part 1:

- Tell me your full name please? What should I call you?
- Do you study or work?
- What kind of work you do?
- Do you read Magazines? 
- What kind/type of magazines related to young and old readers? Why?
- Did you read magazines or comics in your childhood?

Part 2:

Describe a work of art that you really like. Tell:
   - What it looks like
   - Where you first saw it
   - Why you like it

Part 3:

- What kinds of art do you enjoy?
- What are traditional art form in your country?
- What is the role of government in protecting the traditional art forms?
- What are differences between young and old people think about art?
- What makes a good painting?
- Do you think children should study art at school?
- How can children benefit from learning art?
- How has art changed in the last few decades in your country? 

AT, Philippin, 25/5/2017

Part 1:

- Do you like your home?
- Do you live in a house or flat?
- Did you ever buy something because of an advertisement?
- Do you ever buy something because of an advertisement?
- Do you like funny or serious ads?
- what do you think of billboards ads?
- What about internet pop ups ads?

Task 2

An event where you came very early. You should say:
   - When and where?
   - why did you came so early?
   - How do you felt after comming so early?

Task 3

- Do old people and young people manage time in a similar way?
- Are young better in managing time than those of the older ones?
- Can't remember other questions but almost all about time management?
- Do you think planning is important for time management?
- Why do you think some people pay to learn time management?
- Do you think children should learn to manage time?
- Why do some people find it hard to follow their plans?
- How would you teach your children time management?



GT in India (1/6/2017)

Part 1: About yourself, work

- will you continue working? And why?


Part 2: About magazine and comics

- Have you read comics during childhood?

- Which kind of magazine you read?

- Some other questions about patience. Importance of patience. From whom you learn the patience?

Part 3:

- About the situration you arrived early.... when and where did you arrive early?

- Why đi you arrive early? Benefits of arriving early?


AT in India (31/5/2017)

Part 1: 

- Work or study?

- Tv program?

- Do you think your school is the best part for you?

Part 2:

Describe a decision made by others that you disagreed

Part 3: Questions based on decisions right or wrong decision ffrom youngster life



AT (1/6/2017)

Part 1

- Leisure activities

- Regarding to type of shoes you like: comfort or stylish...? 

- What do people often forget when they go outside?

- In the evening, who you like to go out with?

Part 2

- Describe an occasion when you did something exciting for the first time?

Part 3

- About risk and challenges why people .....

- Is it good to share your negative experience to your friends?


AT in KSA (26/5/2017)

Part 1: Same as what mentioned by others

- house or apartment, future house

- Daily routine, differences between now and while I was a kid

- Other which I can't remember now but they are all mentioned by others

Part 2: Company in the place you line employing a lot of people

- What is the company

- How big

- How people feel about it

Part 3: Company/ unemployment/governments role/ retireing age...


GT in Pakistan

Part 1: Intro, homwtown, work questions, email/letter questions

Part 2: Describe a couple you know who is happily married;

- Who they are?

- How you know them?

- What they usually do together?

-  and explain how you feel about their marrige?

Part 3:

Role of husband and wife?

have their roles changed over time or not?


AT Nigeria 31/5/2017

Part 1: Work, pop stars, a person in history you admire

Part 2: Describe an occasion when people were smilling. 

Part 3: 

Why do people smile in photographs?

Why do people choose not to express themselves?



AT in India 31/5/2017

Task 1:

- What is your name?

- Do you live in a house or flat?

- What would you like to change about your home?

Part 2: About favorite couple who is happy married

Part 3: What time do people often get married?



AT, Pakistan, 25/5/2017

Part 1

- What is your fullname

- Do you libe in house or an apartment?

- Do you like it? Why?

- Do you want to live there in the future?

- Do you like fruits?

- Did you eat fruits when you were young? 

- Do you think it is healthy to eat fruits?

- Do you like any peronality from past? Why?

- Have you been to a historical place?

- Do you like moviews made on historic events?

- Do you want to know more about the past?

Part 2

Describe a person you have worked or studied with. Who is every helpful. 

Part 3

is it more beneficial to work as a team?

What are its disadvantages? Do you think there is just one advantage?

- Do you think employees should get more benefits?

- Do you think women help women more men help men more? Why is that?


AT, Pakistan, 25/5/2017

Part 1

After introduction your name, where you line and do you want to change place, the topic was about friends

- Do you have a lot of friends?

- How often do you spend time with them?

- Do you want more friends in the future....?

Part 2

It was about a hard thing you had to wait for it: What was it, how long did you wait for it, how did you achieve it,...)

Part 3: patience

- Are you patient person?

- Do you think more patience is good for people?

- How can people become more patient?


GT, U.A.E 27/5/2017

Part 1: my name, where do I live, why I like my home, if I would change my house

- What kind of jewels do I prefer?

- If I offered recently a jewel, for who?

- How often do I wear jewwels?

- Advertisements

- Part 2: a special cake that received in a special occasion, what kind of cake, when, with who

Part 3:

In What occasion do we prepare sceical food in my home country?

- Wasting food, why do peiople spend much money in food.


AT, Iran, 25/5/2017

part 1

- Do you libe in a house or flat?

- What kind of house do you want to have in future?

- What kind of jewllery fo you have?

- have you ever bought jewellry for someone?

Part 2

What was the most important invention?

Part 3: How often do you send email?

- some people think wheel was the most importnant invention in the world. What do you think?

Do you think robots will teach instand of teachers in future?

When do human beings try to invent new things?


GT Afghanistan 25/5/2017

Part 1:

- Do you work or study?

- Do you want to have the same job in the future?

- have you ever bought anything on advertisement?

- What do you think about pop-up advertisement? What do you thing about advertisement on buildings?

Part 2: Explain an organisation or company near where you libe, how bid is it, what do people there? Are people happy of them?

Part 3: What are popular jobs in your country? is it hard to find a job in your country?


GT USA 13/5/2017

Part 1:

- Where you live?

- What do you do study or work?

- Why this job?

- Gove some resons why did you choose this path?

- Do you think adversisement help people?

- Do you like ads when you are browsing?

- Do you think ads on walls in a good idea to martket?

Part 2: Explain about a event that you did attent recently?

- What was the event about

- Whom did you go with

- Can't remember the complete question.

Part 3:

- Discussion about how modernixation is cities intruding into personal space and no time to focus on persoanl life?

- Do you perfer big apartments or peaceful individual home and why?

- Does the apartments with large of people affecting people personal life?

- Cost of living and lviing in cities to living in suburds ect.