Bên dưới đây là những đề thi phần IELTS Writing gần đây nhất trong năm 2017 được ghi chép lại bởi những thi sinh. Ce Phan sưu tầm qua mạng internet đồng thời hỏi thông tin từ những học viên của mình. 

Do đặc thù của kỳ thi nên thí sinh không được phép mang đề thi ra ngoài, vì thế những gì được ghi chép lại bên dưới có thể sẽ có sai lệch so với đề thi gốc. Tuy nhiên các bạn có thể tham khảo để có thể chuẩn bị tâm lý tốt nhất cho kỳ thi của mình. 

AT, Writing Task 2 in Myanmar (13/5/2017)

People should look after their health as a duty of a society rather than only personal benefit. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

AT, Phillipin 25/5/2017

Task 1: Table of population statistics of Maysia and Australia.

Task 2: Nowadays, parents tend to give anything to their children wants and allow them to do what they want. Is it good for them? What are the consequences in the future?

AT, Pakistan, 25/5/2017

Writing Task 1: Two pie charts about students gaed from 18 to 25 above choosing to study in Derriford University. 

Writing Task 2: In some societies, It is becoming more common for fathers to stay at home and look after their children while mothers go to work. Why? is this a pros or negative development?

GT Egypt 25/5/2017

task 1: Write a letter to restaurant manager to complain about noise coming from it.

Main points: How this affects you, your suggestions to the manager, what would you do if nothing changes)

task 2: leaders now are younger than the past

Main points: (reasons, positives and negatives, your opinion and any exmaples from your knowledge)


AT, Iran, 25/5/2017 

task 1: Pie chart about the different age groups of student who had different reasons for choosing Derriford University.

Task 2:

It its becoming common that father take care of children at home and mother earn money. What are the negative or possitive effects?


GT USA 13/5/2017

Task 1:

Your best friend son is visitting your country on a holiday and your friend wants home to stay with you during vacation. Write a letter to your friend to apologize that its not possible and tell here why and also suggest other accommodation for her son.

Task 2:

Some people think new building designs should include private out door space. What are the advantages and disadvantages of have private out door space.