Bài viết này sẽ giới thiệu những bài tập thực hành (find error exercise) trong các câu văn trong phần IELTS Writing Task 1, Task 2. Ở cuối bài có phần gợi ý đính kèm.

Writing task 1

Exercise 1: find the mistakes in the sentences below

1. Families who do not have cars have decreased from 1971 to 2007.
2. Households without a car percentage gradually decreased.
3. There is a rise can be noted in the proportion of households with two cars.
4. The number of household with no car were well below 50% in 1971.
5. There were least percentage of household who had three or more cars, but it steadily improved to 5% by 2007.

Exercise 2: improve the following sentences

1. In 2005, only 5% of visitors gave excellent impression of the service.
2. 45% of guests were in favour of satisfactory services in the hotel.
3. Satisfactory impression was given by 45% of hotel guests.
4. In 2005, negligible 5% of people surveyed thought the service was excellent, while the figure for good was relatively larger, being 14%.
5. In conclusion, the hotel performance showed marked progress between 2005 and 2010.



Exercise 3: find and correct the mistakes

1. There are a lot of fluctuations in cost these years.
2. Prices of both food and oil have a significant increase in eleven years.
3. The trends show almost similar figures throughout the period.
4. Oil and food prices follow nearly same trends within period.
5. Both goods increased theirs prices throughout the period shown.
6. Both goods had their prices increased throughout the period shown.


Exercise 4: find the mistakes in the paragraph below

In 1980, the US produced 131 millions of tones of waste. Japan was in second place with 28 millions, while the figures for Poland, Portugal and Ireland were less than 5 millions. In 1990, the US was 151, and in 2000 it rose to 192 millions.


Exercise 5: find mistakes in the introduction

1. The bar chart illustrates that the trend of call types in the united kingdom for 8 years from 1995 to 2002.
2. The bar chart compares the figures in terms of minutes spent on telephone calls, splitted into three types.
3. The bar chart gives information about telephone calls. It is in three types Local, National & International and Mobile call minutes from year 1995 to 2002 in UK.
4. The graph compares the total using time of 3 call types in the UK over a 7-year period from 1995.
5. The bar chart presents the amount of phone calls in billion of minutes make in the UK over a period of seven years into the categories of local, national/international and mobile phone calls.


Writing task 2

Exercise 1: correct the mistakes in the sentences below

1. We have different types of music all over the world, we need music for various reasons.
2. The first I think we need music almost for enjoyment.
3. People listening to a variety of music is due to a number of reasons.
4. It is clear cut evidence why we need for music.
5. Traditional music of a country has more weight that the famous international music.
6. At a glance, we need music for enjoyment.
7. The people is more happier listening all kind the rhythms and sounds than without it.
8. It helps to make relaxed from any sort of strain.
9. If the international music would replace it then the whole historical experience of a country will die.


Exercise 2: find the mistakes from the sentences below

1. Research into space explorations can lead to new cuTing edge technology.
2. Handwriting skills is still essential even in todays modern world.
3. The best way to tackle problem of liTering is to have more bins available.
4. Working long hours is a problem which can lead to increase levels of stress.
5. Government should spend more money on the arts for order to protect cultural identity.  


Exercise 3: find and correct the mistakes

There are 6 mistakes with articles or agreement (between noun and verb)

Advances in technology have led to many improvements in the field of communication. Today, sitting in the office we can talk with clients who are far away in some other country and we have access to video conferencing, emails and Whatsapp applications. For instance, with video conferencing one can interact face-to-face with their loved ones who are located in different nation. News and information can be shared on real time basis and this is only possible with new invention. The world seems to have come closer as people do not have to write letters and then wait for days to get reply as used to happen many years back because communication happens much faster. There are also many social networking sites where an individual can stay in touch with friends and relatives at the same time and find friends with whom he might have lost the contacts.


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