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Bên dưới là những từ khóa tiếng Anh về chủ đề Human Geography and Physical Geography. Ce Phan biên soạn những từ khóa này để bổ sung cho chủ đề tiếng Anh: Địa dư và lịch sử toàn cầu (Geography and global history) đang giới thiệu tại hệ thống học tiếng Anh Timeline Learning.

Human Geography

1. developed | dɪˈveləpt |

Synonym: prosperous, industrialized


-the developed world

-a developed nation/country/society/economy/market

Ex: The developed nations hve to recognize the growing gap between rich and poor around the world.

2. developing | dɪˈveləpɪŋ |

Synonym: emergent, Third World


-the developing world

-a developing nation/country

Ex: Income disparities between industrial and developing countries will continue to grow.

3. ecologically | ikəˈlɑːdʒɪkl̩i |

Synonym: environmentally


-ecologically sound/sustainable/friendly/responsible

-ecologically sensitive/aware

Ex: Running is economical and ecological sound.

4. famine | ˈfæmən |


-face famine

-widespread famine

-famine relief

Ex: Thousands of refugees are trapped by war, drought and famine.

5. globe | ɡloʊb |

Synonym: planet, earth, world


-across/around the globe

-traverse/travel/tour/span the globe

-the globe’s surface/climate/population

Ex: anticapitalism protests spanning the globe from Seattle to Genoa

6. infrastructure | ˌɪnfrəˈstrəktʃər |


-the infrastructure of something

-have infrastructure in place

-build/rebuild/improve/destroy infrastructure

-existing/basic infrastucture

Ex: a focus on improving existing infrastructure

7. inhabitant | ˌɪnˈhæbətənt |

Synonym: resident, citizen


-the inhabitants of somewhere

-indigenous/native/orginal/local inhabitants

Ex: Jamaica’s original inhabitants were the Arawak Indians.

8. overseas | ˌoʊvəˈsiːz |

Synonym: foreign


-an overseas trip/travel/tour/market/operation

-overseas aid

Ex: He has returned to South Africa from his long overseas trip.

9. territory | ˈterəˌtɔːri |

Synonym: land


-occupied/disputed/neutral territory

-enter/seize/conquer/occupy/control territory

Ex: India and Pakistan have fought wars over the disputed territory of Kashmir.

10. Third World | ˈθɝːd ˈwɝːld |

Synonym: developing countries


-in the Third World

-a Third World country/nation/economy

-Third World governments/leaders/development/debt/poverty

Ex: He urged Britons to campaign on the streets to help end Third World poverty.


Physical geography 

1. vapour | ˈveɪpər |

Synonyms: mist,fog

Ex: Cold air can hold very little water vapour compared with warm air.

2. pole | poʊl |

Collocation: the North/South Pole

Ex: For six months of the year, there is hardly any light at the poles.

3. tropical | ˈtrɑːpɪkl̩ |


-a tropical dissease/storm/cyclone/climate

-a tropical country/paradise/island/forest/rainforest/jungle

-tropical fruit/fish/plant

Ex: a plant to preserve the world’s tropical forests

4. deposit | dəˈpɑːzət |

Synonym: security


-a deposit of $x

-require/request/pay/refund a deposit

Ex: A $50 deposit is required when ordering, and the balance is due upon delivery.

5. erode | ɪˈroʊd |

Synonym: disintegrate, crumble


-eroded by something

-a cliff/coastline is eroded

-soil/rock is eroded

-steadily/gradually/seriously eroded

Ex: By 1980, Miami beach had all but totally eroded.

6. mineral | ˈmɪnərəl |


-precious/valuable/non-metallic minerals

-essential/toxic minerals

-mineral supplements/ deficiencies/deposits

-mineral salt/water/calcium/zinc

Ex: Warring factions obtained arms from international backers in exchange for money or precious minerals.

7. Celsius | ˈselsiəs |

Synonym: centigrade

Collocation: degrees Celsius

Ex: an increase of just one degree Celsius in core body temperature

8.centigrade | ˈsentəˌɡred |

Synonym: Celsius

Collocation: degrees centigrade

Ex: daytime temperatures of up to forty degrees centigrade

9.current | ˈkɜːrənt |


-a current of something

-a current of air/electricity

-a strong/ocean current

Ex: A powerful electric current is passed through a piece of graphite.

10. evaporate | ɪˈvæpəˌret |


-evaporate by/in/into something

-evaporate in/into the sunlight/heat/air/atmosphere

-water/moisture/liquid/sweat evaporates

Ex: prevent the pungent oils from evaporating into the air

11. fahrenheit | ˈferənˌhaɪt |

Collocation: x degrees Fahrenheit

Ex: He was asked for the boiling point of water in Fahrenheit.


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