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Câu hỏi và trả lời mẫu về chủ đề các món ăn (Foods)- phần 2

Tiếp nối với bài viết trước về các câu hỏi IELTS Speaking Part 1,2,3 về chủ đề Ăn uống, bài viết này như một ví dụ về các câu hỏi và cách trả lời cho từng câu hỏi có trong phần thi. Ce Phan có liệt kê các từ khóa ở cuối bài viết về chủ đề Các món ăn để các bạn có thể ghi chú và học cách sử dụng trong các lần thực hành kế tiếp. 

Bạn nên đọc lại bài viết thống kê danh sách các từ khóa IELTS dùng trong chủ đề Favourite Foods và thực hành với phần 1 trước khi thực hành với phần 2.


Part 1

Examiner: What kinds of meals do you like?

Candidate: Oh, I adore meat… Different plates… My mouth is watering whenever I see roast beef, grilled chicken or pork chops…However, I don’t like to cook… That's why I often eat ready meals and take-aways.

Examiner: Do you often dinner with your family or friends?

Candidate: Well, I try to dinner with my family as often as possible…Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time for such dinners due to my busy schedule...

Examiner: When do you usually eat dinner?

Candidate: I usually have main meal at about 8.00 … I'm starving hungry by then and sometimes overeat myself...

Examiner: Are there any fruits or vegetables you don’t like? Why?

Candidate: Yes, there are… I’m not a fussy eater, but I really hate onions… I never eat them and I try to avoid all the meals that might have onions in them…


Part 2

Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe a place you like to eat at. You should say:


  • Where is it
  • What kind of food it serves
  • How often do you eat there

and why do you like visiting it


CandidateI have a neat restaurant in a walking distance of my apartment… It serves various meals of the Italian cuisine that I enjoy… I eat there every now and then with my family and friends… Although it’s not cheap, quality justifies the bill… If I want to celebrate an occasion with somebody, I’ll invite them over to my restaurant and we’ll surely have a good time there!


Part 3

Examiner: How can we make people eat healthier food?

Candidate: The best approach for this problem is to strike a balance… You can eat unhealthy ever so rarely, if you manage to eat nutritious products the majority of the time… I eat junk food myself, by I try not to abuse my health…

Examiner: Do you think people enjoy what they eat on a regular?

Candidate: I don’t really know, but I’m leaning towards a negative answer… People are often lazy when chosing their meals… They try to catch a snack to restrain their hunger… But it is neither healthy nor enjoyable…

Examiner: Do you think that cooking is a pleasure a burden for most people?

Candidate: I can’t speak for everybody, but I think that cooking is more of a chore than a pleasure… But it really depends on a person… Some people might love cooking... If it is their passion or a beloved job, then it's good for them… But I’m not among those people… Personally, I prefer dining out.


Các từ khóa được sử dụng trong phần trả lời ở trên

(Xem thêm các từ khóa khác về chủ đề Fourite Food, tại đây)

  • mouth is watering: that is to say that you find something very appertizing
  • ready meals: a meal that you buy already cooked
  • take-aways: a meal prepared in a cafe/restaurant and eaten at home
  • busy schedule: a filled up time
  • main meal: the important meal of the day
  • starving hungry by then: to extremly hungry
  • overeat myself: eat too much
  • fussy eater: someone who is picky about food and doesn't eat everything
  • in a walking distance of: very close
  • Italian cuisine: Traditional Italy food
  • quality justifies the bill: when a product is worth buying due its good quality, even if it's expensive
  • strike a balance: to find a golden mean and stick with it.
  • nutritious products: products rich in calories
  • Junk food myself: unhealthy food, mostly like snacks
  •  catch a snack: to eat a very portion of food very quickly
  • restrain their hunger: to avoid eating when you want to. Usually practice during diets
  • more of a chore than a pleasure: Something you do rather unwillingly
  • beloved job: a job you really like and do with your pleasure
  • dining out: dining at a restaurant


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