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ielts sample essay

ielts sample essay

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Question: Two-part questions

Explain some of the ways in which humans are damaging the environment. What can governments do to address these problems? What can individual people do?

Sample Answer:

It is undeniable that human activities give negative impacts on environment in many cases. So, to improve earth’s health government may set forth a national blueprint toward sustainable development, while each person can change their lifestyle to fit with natural habitat.

It is clear that most of environmental issues are caused by human’s deed in many circumstances. Firstly, the over-exploitation and the deforestation are the key factors leading to rapid exhaustion of mineral resources, as well as to potential risks in the future. Besides, bad habits of people, such as: improper dumping of household waste or useing more private vehicles, etc. are also the negative effect to environment. Moreover, environmental pressure will be increased by the overpopulation crisis.

Governments clearly have a major role to play in addressing the environmental problems by providing long–term plans to protect our planet. To prevent environmental contamination, they are able to impose “green taxes” on drivers and airline companies or pass laws to limit the emission. On the other hand, investing to education and encouraging sense of community also help to yield a healthier atmosphere . Shortly, to fully address the threats of environmental troubles, they probably need to find out a comprehensive set of climate solutions.

In addition, individuals also need to raise their self-awareness about earth protection. In the other words, reducing natural system damages requires the enhancement of individual responsibility in environmental problems. Basically, people can make some changes in daily activities to opt for eco-friendly substitutes. For example, choosing products with less packaging or travelling by mass transports are helpful for the effort of minimizing the consequences. Furthermore, participating in prestigious organizations as a volunteer conservationist is also one of the best possible supports to solve environmental issues.

Generally, the unconscious mind of people brings bad influences to our living condition and it is at an alarming rate. Therefore, lack of the contribution of both government and individually, the minimization of global environmental hazards will beyond reach.

(325 words, written by Van Anh)